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Central Business Institute (CBI), Kingdom of eSwatini (Swaziland)
is an Institute registered with the Government of Kingdom of eSwatini (RoC No. 1467/12), listed by the Ministry of Education and the Local Chiefdom appointment by the His Majesty, the King of eSwatini (Swaziland).
Central Business Institute (CBI) aims to provide Business, I.T and Vocational courses on the door step of students within their community where selected government schools serve as a "Moving Campus" or "Venue" of the courses. The Institute is assisted by the local chiefdom appointed by the His Majesty, the King of eSwatini.
Central Business Institute (CBI) provides an opportunity to local students to have an international exposure while learning in the same community but with "International Students". On the same time, the International students also have the opportunity to gain internationally recognized qualification and to learn more about the Swazi culture in the true Swazi cultural environment.

About Kingdom of eSwatini (Swaziland)
The Kingdom of eSwatini formly known as Swaziland is a booming economy in Southern Africa. The consistency of the government policies has made it an attractive and safest place for doing business in African continent. His Majesty the King Mswati III has a very broad vision to make Kingdom of eSwatini one of the top 5 economies in the African continent within few years. The big shopping malls, world standard motorways & highways, zero crime rate and the stable growth rate has made Kingdom of eSwatini even more attractive place for investors.

Swazi Nation
The Swazi nation has a very long history of struggle and culture. The Swazi nation is well respected all over the world. The Swazi citizens are among those citizens who don't need any visa OR are granted "Visa on Arrival" of many countries. Even Ireland, South Korea, Singapore, South Africa, Malaysia, Georgia, Israel, Kuwait issues "Visa on Arrival" to Swazi Passport holders.

Education in Kingdom of eSwatini
The literacy rate for males in Kingdom of eSwatini is 82.6% and for females it is 80.8%. English is an official and widely spoken language in Kingdom of eSwatini. The primary education is FREE in the Kingdom.

The climate in Kingdom is an ideal for enjoying. The green farm houses, beautiful mountains, pollution free environment, well maintained highways, Bars and Night Clubs, Zero crime rate and famous brand shopping malls have made the Kingdom of eSwatini, a Switzerland of Southern Africa. The temperature remains around 4°C to 18°C in winter and 14°C to 28°C in Summer.

The eSwatini currency (Lilangeni) is linked with South African ZAR (Rand) and ZAR (Rand) is accepted in Kingdom. Visa, MasterCard and American Express Cards are widely accepted in the country.
US$1=8 Swazi Lilangeni

Religious Tolerance
Kingdom of eSwatini is a country where you will observe an ultimate tolerance for every religion. There are many Christian Churches all over the Kingdom and you can also find the Mosques for Muslims. There are many more religions including the Baha'i faith followers who have permanently settled in the Kingdom of eSwatini.

Our Courses

Central Business Institute (CBI) offers ACCA, CIMA, I.T, Hotel & Tourism, Business Administration, Language Courses and also hosts Study Abroad & Summer Camps.
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Our Guarantee

We guarantee a True Swazi cultural environment to all our International students. They would have an exciting and unforgettable learning experience while securing an Internationally recognized Qualification.


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